Starship Mercenary

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  • Published Google Play game
  • System design focused
    • Enemy difficulty scaling
    • Item stat scaling
    • Item shop/upgrade system
    • Freemium monetization
      • Ad rewards
      • IAP
      • Hard and soft currency
      • Premium offers
    • Achievements
    • Leader boards



Starship Mercenary is a shipped game that I made and published for Google Play Android devices. It is a FPS space ship dog fighting game with arcade style combat game play and RPG style upgrade system.

This is a project I started in my last semester at AAU before graduating and decided to complete as a finished product. In addition to doing all the designing and coding, I created all the art as well.

Starship Mercenary is designed from the ground up to be a freemium game. The game play is designed with consumables in mind and a upgrade system that is loosely based on gachapon. In addition to In App Purchases, the game contains optional ads that reward the player.

There are 10 levels, and while each level is essentially the same area, enemies had to be designed and scaled with multiple factors in mind, including difficulty that is fair  and rewarding in order to incentivize the player to want to improve and be challenged.

The core gameplay and boil down to a version of Simon Says, where the player must react according to what the enemy is currently doing. Flying is automated, so the challenge lies in pressing the correct buttons at the right time based on information given on the screen.


Game Docs

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