Avoid Your Boss Simulator

About: First person stealth puzzle game in which the player accomplishes tasks around the office with out getting caught by your boss.

Role: Scripter/Designer

Goal: In one week design and prototype a game that uses time as its primary design mechanic.

This game was made in a Rapid Game Development class in which we had to design and prototype a game every week. Avoid Your Boss Simulator was the game I was most proud of and was the most fun to make.

The player must complete their tasks in the allotted time. If the player gets caught by the boss, it’s game over.

An alternative version is that when the player is caught by the boss, more tasks and time are added. When the player completes all the tasks within the time limit, the player wins. If the timer runs out and they have not completed all the tasks, the player loses.

Below is the flow chart for the AI logic for the Boss enemy.